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[09 / 21 / 03 01:25p]
[ mood | crazy ]

OH & PSSSSSST. i miss you greg! add me on GJ!

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[09 / 21 / 03 01:10p]
[ mood | cranky ]

moved to greatestjournal if you'd like to know the name email me at, too much junk going on. thanks. later ;p


[08 / 26 / 03 04:34p]
[ mood | creative ]

Friends Only!

· Sorry, This journal is Friends Only. Mainly because I don't want my family reading this, or someone I don't know, and don't want getting in my business. If you'd like to be added, just comment saying so, and chances are I'll probably add you =^.^=

· Do not add me if you're just going to cause trouble or if you tYpE lyK DiZ, or plan on stealing my layouts or icons, because I will find out, hunt you down, and my one white girl mafia will attack your ass, thank you, and have a nice day. :D

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[07 / 26 / 03 12:17p]
[ mood | angry ]

well, hello charlotte! lmao anyways hi im at work how fun i came up here as soon as the library opened just to get a book and somehow got talked into working without even like any notice so i look like crap and i just planned on laying around all day playing with the baby, sooo there goes that day down the drain.

anyways i suppose we're not doing anything today, i might try to goto shilo to the oxroast to see zac in the parade but it looks like its going to rain, so i'm not sure, besides i'm not sure what time it's going to start/end and it's already almost 12:30. hopefully i can leave at 1:30 after lunch hours so i can cover for gayle and melanie if they need it because it's not really busy.

anyway, i changed my layout back to one lj provides until i can get some help with paid account so don't get all ewwish on me, lol. i doubt you would anyways, considering nobody actually reads this thing. hmm wonder what brandy's doin. lmao im so freaking bored its really sad i think im just typing to be typing to prove that i can type faster than the guy beside me okay what should i type hm what about my abcs> yeah thatll work abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz now i sung my abcs next time wont you sing with me? WILL YOU? WILL YOU? OR WAS THIS ENTRY COMPLETELY MEANINGLISS TO YOU? it was wasnt it. yes well when im bored i just sit here and type about absolutely nothing for absolutely no reason because i have absolutely nothing to do and you read absolutely every little thing i type isn't that wonderful? okay i'm shutting up. goodbye.

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